Books that I like! Books

Here I've added names of some of the books that I've read and really like. These days I like reading books about current affairs and affairs that are shaping the world. I have added pdf versions to the ones that I have as e-books. For other one's you'll have to search for yourself for e-books or maybe buy them. I'll keep adding more, as I get time.

  1. Book of a Mujahideen, Shamyl Basayev (Download here)
  2. Sabres of Paradise, Lesley Blanch
  3. Road to Makkah, Muhammad Asad
  4. Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler (Download here)
  5. Legacy of Ashes, History of the CIA, Tim Wiener
  6. The Choice, Ahmad Deedat (Book 1),(Book 2)